What we do

Who we are
Biz Development/Sales & Prod. Marketing
  • Management team has 10+ years of experience in business development in Retail, Transport, Logistics…SMBs
  • Experience in brand building using internet & traditional media, road-shows, product demonstrations & launch
  • Expertise in Product Marketing, Selling Software Solution (as against selling boxes)
    • Use-Case driven approach to meet client's requirement
    • Avoid expensive false starts
  • Experience in building ecosystem of vendors/partners to help consolidate & fulfill customer requirements.
  • Successful launches of product/solutions in startups
Product / Software Development and Maintenance
  • Management team has 20+ years of experience in product management / architecture / roadmap
  • Experience in developing both large enterprise applications & Device application
  • Web Applications
    • Web Services, Websites, Social Media Network Integration SEO, E-commerce websites
    • SOA, Cloud Based deployments and SaaS models
  • Mobile / Device Applications
    • 30+ Custom Mobile applications
    • Free Android Marketplace apps downloaded 30K+ times
Post Sales Implementation / Maintenance / Support
  • Experience in working on application deployment requiring
    • Deployment, System Integration & Customer Sign-Off
    • Migrating Customer to contract based Post-Sales support.
  • Project management Expertise enabling structured deployments
  • Every implementation is a feedback to the product team
    • Consolidate/Document learning as feedback for product team
  • Experience in setting/managing 24*7 Voice/Data Call Centers
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