What we do

Who we are
Enable Effective and Affordable Technology and Software Solutions for Small and Medium Business (SMB) and its Consumers

Business Focus
  • SMB are the life line of any economy touching the most people in a nation
  • They are enablers of a self driven effective supply chain creating & distributing wealth in the process
  • Our SMB Focus areas are Transport, Logistics, Retail, Warehouse/Dealers
Technology Focus
  • Thick Client Applications using Platforms like Android/IOS/WinCE allowing affordable Smart Devices (Phones/Tablets)
  • Web Applications and SaaS/PaaS/IaaS cloud models as applicable to reduce TCO & Entry Costs Barriers
  • Wireless technology where applicable - Wi-Fi/GPRS/SMS/3G/4G - for easy solution deployment
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Minimize wastage- So we partner – with Solution Providers and Implementers. Join us. Read more. Read, Subscribe, Participate, Debate and Advocate on what we stand for. Read more. Lataant Labs – Our quest for Technology excellence - in lovely Kotayam. Read more.