I have always been curious about design and therefore meeting a building architect in a small conference was an opportunity for me to learn how is it used and applied in the buildings and constructions. While, I tried connecting with him on the topic of Less is More – a diction promoted by the German Architect – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, I was impressed by his knowledge of Steve Jobs and his design.

What is design to him I asked – And he said – it has to solve the user’s problems both seen and unseen.

While it is an educated answer – the fundamental point I was not convinced is “whose problem” is a designer trying to solve


Often, as designer/architect we do not solve user’s problems – somehwere deep within – we solve our problems.

Nothing wrong with that – as long as these problems are not driven by our own fear factors. The more that is, the lower the design output and its usefulness. And if it is guided by our higher fearless resolve it tends to take an art form and gets more useful.

This is applicable in all forms of human expression – this has to be our guiding principle – for applying technology – to solve problems – less is more

Prakash, Founder & CEO Lataant